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Georgie Android app for the blind

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Android app - Ray for the visually impaired

Georgie Phone

Georgie Phone is a family of apps designed for the blind, visually-impaired, disabled and anyone who has difficulty seeing or operating a smartphone or tablet.

Android Smartphone Money Reading App for Blind and Visually Impaired

We teach you an free and easy way to help blind and visually impaired persons to read identify Money. In Most countries bills are very similar so it gets very ...

Screenreader's Georgie - hands on walk through of the smartphone app for the blind

Screenreader's Georgie - hands-on walkthrough of the smartphone app for the blind.

Georgie Phone

REVIEW: Meladoodle reviews the new 'Flappy Bird' app!

In this video I've gone in depth with my likes and dislikes of this app. Hope you guys enjoy!


The KNFB Reader app for iPhone and Android allows a blind or visually impaired person to independently read printed text by taking a picture of the document ...

Blind Call App Review

Blind Call App Review.

Low Vision Tech ~ App Review ~ SMS Pop UP

Welcome to The Blind Spot! Great application for anyone with low vision. App ~ ...

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