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Georgie Phone

1.5 usd

Georgie Phone lets you make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages (SMS), manage contacts and view call and text logs. The Google award-winning user interface has been designed and developed for the blind, visually-impaired, disabled or others who have trouble seeing or operating a smartphone. It allows you or a family member, friend or carer to set up your phone to suit you. Those with little or no useful sight can take advantage of our unique use of Talkback to allow the phone to be safely explored by touch, those who need speech can hear the phone speak and those who just need big buttons and text can see them clearer. Volume, brightness, choice of voice recognition or keyboard input and a range of high contrast, low contrast or just your favourite colour schemes can easily be selected.
The unique store allows you to browse and install or purchase other GeorgiePhone apps to enhance the functionality and usefulness of your smartphone.
If you like the app and would like to be able to set it up it to suit your particular needs or preferences or get more functionality, check out the other GeorgiePhone apps on the Google Play store or on the web (